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TOUR DATES  2016 - 2017-2018 - 2019 -2020

1-2-3 Oct.

Guest at the Nilla Pizzi / Salsomaggiore Terme trophy

1-2-3- October 2020 


Press release 


Radio single release announcement Nel cielo tu

28 Sep.

Live in San Severino Marche (piazza del popolo) at 9 pm Fashion under the stars   

02 Aug

Carisap Auditorium at 17:30 live and single CD copies

Live in Communance with Missitalia  

07 Aug

31 July

Press conference in the Episcopate at 12 ( new single)

   5 Jul

Guest Miss.Italia (Offida)   at 21 30

25 June

Guest house S.Emidio inauguration  

22 June

Guest Villa Rosa stage Miss Italy  

30 Mar

Ascoli Piceno Basilica  11 30 (event ambassadors from all over the world)   

  10 Feb  

Guest on Radio Ascoli at 21 30 

  26 Oct  

Cine Teatro Ascoli Piceno (Guest in the conference by Rita Cutolo) from 5pm

  24 Aug  

Pescara del Tronto torchlight procession and exhibition in front of the prime minister.

  15 Jul  

Guest book presentation Agorà Arquata del Tronto at 21  

  14 Jul  

Guest at the Festival under the Conero (Ancona) Porto Antico 9.30pm onwards 

  07 Jul

Guest CNA San Benedetto del Tronto 10 pm

viale Buozzi 

  07 Jul

Guest book presentation Cinema Piceno….. 18:30 

  01 Jul 

Event host….. Date to be confirmed 

  23 Jun  

Guest conference local authorities, Cineteatro Ascoli Piceno at 9 am ending at 4 pm 30 

  28 Apr  

Inauguration of the Citadel at 11 Pescara Del Tronto

  09 Jun  

Radio Tomorrow live at 11

  14 Apr  

 Ospite (Ascolana Song Festival - Ventidio Basso Theater) 21:30  /23 30 

  07 Apr  

 Guest (Verona Festival) Teatro Alcione via Verdi 20 at 21 30

  31 Mar  

 Guest (Pesaro street food) date to be confirmed

  11 Mar  

 Guest live on TgCOM24Mediaset 4.45 pm onwards 

channel 51 or streaming 

  27 Feb 

Tgr Itinerant Tg Rai Tre 

  26 Feb 

 Rete Oro in the ztl program at 8.30 pm with a repeat on March 1 at 10.30 pm  

  17 Feb

Rai Tre Tgr Servizio 

  15 Feb


  10 Feb

Interview REDRONNIE roxybar follow the live at 11

  10 Feb

They talk about us (Lighthouse of Rome) 

  09 Feb

Interview grp television Turin 19:45 

  09 Feb

Radio interview Tuscany Umbria Lazio 5.00 pm // 6.00 pm interview 103 Cuneo and Sanremo , Radio Calabria interview 5.30 pm //  

  09 Feb

They talk about us (Piceno Oggi)

  06 Feb

Video Stone dust in the heart Newspaper link :Avvenire 

  19  Dec

Guest radio program Radio Ascoli  9.30 pm

  15  Dec

Guest radio show radio R9  12 noon

  15  Dec

Guest in the Vibrata Life program from 11 to 12 

 14  Dec

Rome (festival in ''Casa tra noi'' conducts  Lorena Bianchetti) from 18 to 20 - via Monte Del Gallo 113

 12  Dec

Rome Palazzo Montecitorio

Guest of the radio show Let's make love 

 04  Dec

 24  Oct

Cine Teatro Piceno 8.45 pm onwards - live 

 14  Oct

Testimonial ''I don't risk'' Piazza Del Popolo Ascoli Piceno

 07  Oct

Guest Arquata del Tronto Multipurpose Community Center from 11 am   

 24  Aug

Guest Arquata del Tronto 5 pm dust and stones in the heart  

 24  Aug

Guest DISTRARTE festival from 21 onwards Ascoli Piceno 

 23  Jun

Guest on Stefano Tisi's tour at 10.30 pm

 17  Jun

r9 radio guest live from 5pm

Feb 24th

Guest on Vera tv, channel 79 

08 Apr

Private party, Sperlonga Latina2017

1 Feb

Redpassion at TG3 

19 Jan

Guest Radio R9 

22 Dec

Andrea Interprets the Niente Dorma visible on the You Tube channel 

21 Dec

Guest in the program Let's make love live from the radio R9 ! San Benedetto del Tronto from 10 pm 

19 Dec

Andrea guest at C.commerciale Colonnella from 5pm onwards, Iper di Val Vibrata (Te) 

Oct 31st

Andrea guest at C.commerciale Colonnella from 5pm onwards, Iper di Val Vibrata (Te) 

15 Set

Online article about Redpassion click the link 

13 Sep

Redpassion on the messenger 

12 Set

Andrea guest at C.commerciale Colonnella from 5pm onwards, Iper di Val Vibrata (Te) 

9 Sep

The video comes out The reality among us by Redpassion 

7th Sep

Redpassion available on all digital platforms 

8 Aug

Andrea Petrucci guest Fashion show at Pepe nero in Porto S.Elpidio

from 21 onwards

31 July

Città Sant'Angelo (PE)   presso: Festival of Food and Wine Excellence   
Andrea Petrucci /REDPASSION - guests at the festival of food and wine excellence! City  Sant'Angelo at 21 onwards 

17 July

Porto Recanati (MC)   presso: Deep Blue _cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ 
REDPASSION Guests in the Over 30 DEEP BLUE fashion show (PIAZZA BORGO MARINARO)

28 June

Fiano Romano (RM)   presso: Auditorium ad Pontem _cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ 
Andrea Petrucci in the Redpassion project, guests at the Auditorium ad Pontem in Fiano Romano. Stage of the Castrocaro Festival 58th edition 

 26 Mag

 ASCOLI PICENO   presso: E'TV Ascoli _cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ 
Andrea guest on Non solo Stefano , TV program hosted by Stefano Tisi - Interview visible on channel 606 , if you missed the interview follow the link 

30 Mar

Radio R9   
Andrea Guest in the night program we make love? from 11pm to 1am 

27 Mar

San benedetto del tronto   presso: Radio R9  _cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_
REDPASSION Andrea Petrucci / Licia Cantalamessa. Live interview on the 11 o'clock program . R9 radio, live and streaming

22 Feb

San benedetto del tronto (AP)   presso: Radio R9_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_  
Andrea Petrucci guest on the night program of Radio R9 / Let's make love at 24 hours, follow him live on the web, visible on the r9 facebook channel and you tube 

16 Feb

RTM TVA  the recordings of the new TV music program REDPASSION STAR begin, Follow the commercial broadcast on Rtm and TV channel 18 and 624 of digital terrestrial for the Marche and Abruzzo ! also visible on the web. Simultaneously with Radio Abruzzo Marche

13 Feb

San Remo   presso: RAI WEB  _cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_
Redpassion - Rai Web streaming After the Festival from 00:40 onwards on air from 13 to 15 February 

12 Feb

San Remo   presso: Radio 103  _cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_
Andrea Petrucci / Licia Cantalamessa/ Redpassion 11 am Radio guests on radio 103 Genoa Turin

08 Feb

ASCOLI PICENO (AP)   presso: Italia _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ 

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