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Andrea Petrucci tv

Andrea Petrucci was born in Ascoli Piceno, he moved to Milan in October 2006 to fully experience his creativity as a singer-composer. 
The passion for music explodes precociously in Andrea when, at the age of just 7, he was literally struck by a journalistic report on the studio recording of the album Barcelona by the great Freddie Mercury and the opera singer Montserrat Caballe'. From that moment Queen will become the soundtrack of childhood and adolescence.
The need to sing already manifests itself at the age of 17, when he begins to express himself with various bands that allow him to accumulate a good live experience and participate in numerous local and national events, immediately earning the appointment of charismatic leader. Together with a friend, for pure fun, he forms a coverband of Litfiba, a group he has always appreciated, first called Cangaçeiro and later Cornocuore, with which he has the opportunity to perform in the first small tours, playing in numerous pubs, square festivals and shop openings.

In 2004 Andrea took part in the gathering of Piero Pelù's fan club at the Tenax in Florence, where he had the opportunity to highlight his skills in a short singing performance which Piero himself was enthusiastic about. Not content with playing only covers, in parallel with the experience with the tribute he begins to write new songs and with his friend Cristian Regnicoli begins a long collaboration of unreleased songs.
In the same year Andrea participates as a soloist in important competitions such as Mia Martini Proposte Europee, Onebap Music Festival, Vocidomani, Vocinuove, always obtaining excellent placements and coming into contact with the musician from Ascoli Saturnino Celani who becomes his musical Guru and pushes him to propose as a singer-songwriter in the Italian music scene.

In 2005 he was entered by a friend of his surprise at the Music Hope Festival (local competition) and participates with two of his unreleased songs and a new formation. There he also had the opportunity to come into contact with characters of the caliber of Mario Guarini (bassist of Alexia,….) and Saturnino (bassist of Jovanotti), imposing himself as best voice, critics' prize and overall winner. From that moment the two unpublished works will be broadcast continuously on Radio Ascoli.
To the experience of lives and competitions, Andrea combines an adequate study of modern singing also participating in the shows of the music school, which allow him to perform in front of 2500 people. Meanwhile, he dissolves the coverband focusing on his unpublished works. 


The year 2006 is crucial for his career: strengthened by the advice of his bassist friend Saturnino and with the determination to achieve his dream of becoming a singer, he packs his bags and leaves for Milan.
Although the beginnings in the big metropolis are not easy and require great sacrifices, Andrea manages to settle permanently in Milan and comes into contact with one of the best teachers in the sector. He privately studied the singing techniques of Speech Level Singing and then resumed performing with some local bands that gave him the opportunity to expand his repertoire, ranging from different musical genres, from pop rock to prog rock/metal to new metal._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


At the beginning of 2007, after having distributed some small demos in the major Milanese record companies, he was contacted by Carlo Gargioni, musician and producer of some of the greatest international artists (including Eros Ramazzotti, Alexia, Ornella Vanoni, Angelo Branduardi, Rosanna Casale, Concato , Tom Jones) who falls in love with his timbre and vocal power and with whom he composes the first single song to be launched on the radio.
Andrea also comes into contact with the Milanese record label Bravo & Bravo Records of Beppe Cardile, which proves to be very interested in his material.


December 2008 is marked by the sudden and premature death of his friend and producer Carlo Gargioni. 
Andrea remains under the protective wing of Bravo Records and in the meantime he supports himself by participating as an audience in TV broadcasts such as skalo 76 (rai due) Scorie (rai due) Chiambretti night (italiauno) Mai dire GF (italia uno ) Show dei records (italia one) and short appearances in some TV dramas……


In 2009 Andrea was selected to participate in Sanremo Lab 2009, where he had the opportunity to follow various training master classes with the best teachers on the international music scene, such as Mary Setrakian and Andrea Rodini.
2009 also represents the beginning of the collaboration with the French electro dance duo Add'Vintage. Together they make the song "How do you fell", and work on a real concept album waiting for their first single to be released (continue)…..


In 2010 Andrea signed a contract with the Milanese record label Moletto di Giovanni Poggio for the release of his first solo album (containing 13 pop rock tracks) distributed by Edel Italia. 
In mid-June the album is in all music stores and digital stores.
2011 With the album of the same name, it is promoted in the best clubs in Italy, opening concerts of the big names in music (VERDENA), rock festivals, local TVs, local radios, national radios, summer festivals._cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_
With the song (We are not alone in the universe) he is the winner of the (Web) Radio Fly Web Award of Forli as the most voted song in the Radio Fly Web circuit.
First in the standings for a whole month, as the most voted artist in the Music Contest

organized by Resto del Carlino, Messaggero and the Nation, conquering the front pages of national newspapers.


In June 2011 he was a live guest in the broadcast of RAI UNO (UNO MATTINA) conducted by Michele Cucuzza and Eleonora Daniele, visible in the RAI reruns and in Andrea's you tube channel


April 2012 The official video of the song of the same name is broadcast by the Italia Due channel of the Mediaset networks in the program (16 millimeters) immediately splashing into the top 100, finishing for over 7 months in seventh place, currently stuck in 21st position.


Only Italia association founded by Veronica Pivetti for the promotion of Made in Italy in China, broadcasts the music video on some Chinese TV channels. 
December 2012 Engaged in the creation of new material, he comes into contact with Top Records, the historic Milanese record label.


March 2013 the song , This night, a bit of you is released, published by Top Records and published on I Tunes and on all digital platforms. 
Top Records/Edizioni Dingo Music publishing Co. Milan.


This night a little bit of you is a fresh song with an ironic tone in which a boy invites his girlfriend to give him something more than the usual loving caresses. After the song, the promotional video is launched, created by the well-known director Luca Trovellesi Cesana, producer of the numerous episodes of the Rai Due Voyager program and already appreciated author of the video clip We are not alone in the universe._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

Spring 2014, on standby with the new solo album, he works on the Pop dance/rock project  Redpassion with the emerging singer Licia Cantalamessa.

Andrea Realizes the single (Dance Honey) in English and the single (La reality among us) always in duet with his colleague.

The goal is to create a first “EP'' and di  bring fresh air into the discography.

Summer 2014 begins the local promotion of Dance Honey, guests in Adriatic discos, white nights in the Marches and Abruzzo, music festivals, guests in the final Cantagiro Umbria, singing guests in the match of the Italian national team of

ragby Italy Samoa , guests in fashion shows, guests in one of the stages of Castrocaro.


August / November 2014 the former manager of Mino Reitano, Remo Francesconi proposes them to enroll in San Remo young people with the support of Guido Palma's Top Records, they present the song ''The reality among us''. the song seems to have an excellent resonance but does not access the subsequent semi-finals. Also this last song is supported by a beautiful video sponsored by Sydonia Entartainmant already producer of formats on Focus, History channel, Rai due.

February 2015 the promotion of the single Dance Honey continues, Redpassion also appear in the raiweb broadcast ''il dopo festival'' during the week of the Sanremo festival directly from the city of flowers. Guests also on the radio present in the area_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ as Radio Genova, Radio 103 and Radio Immaginaria.

September 2015 officially released in digital distribution through the label ZIMBALAM the double single Dance Honey and The reality among us. December 2017 the final work Redpassion (Keep Dreaming) 5 sensational duets published by Moletto/EDEL is published in all digital stores and limited edition music shops.


April 2017 he was contacted by Monsignor Giovanni D'Ercole Bishop of Ascoli Piceno, in love with Andrea's voice and masterful interpretation, in the piece ''Nessun Dorma'' by Giacomo Puccini. Summoned to the headquarters, shortly thereafter, ''Dust and stones in the heart'' was born, a reflective song, a hymn to joy and hope, addressed to the populations affected by the earthquake.

Andrea, son of Arquatani, becomes a messenger of strength and hope. On August 24, one year after the earthquake, he was invited to perform the piece in front of the relatives of the victims, heads of state and religious authorities. Andrea himself lost an aunt on the night of August 24. 

September 2017 becomes testimonial for Ascoli Piceno, of the National Campaign  ''I DO NOT RISK''; Good practices of civil protection, organized by the Italian Red Cross, Civil Protection, National Environmental Guard.   

February 2018  ''Dust and stones in the heart'' video is out, the images and music leave the audience speechless.

Andrea messenger of hope and rebirth is interviewed by various press organs and ends up on, Rai Tre for 4 episodes including one dedicated to artists from Ascoli; the magazine il Faro di Roma, Toarchmagazine,, Resto del Carlino, Piceno Oggi, Corriere Adriatico. Recently hosted live on TGCOM24 mediaset and winner of the Ivan Graziani Prize 2018.  This song will soon end up in a forthcoming CD Ep. 


24 August 2018 he participates in the torchlight procession for the victims of the earthquake and performs with dust and stones in his heart in front of the presence of the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

30 March 2019 guest in the Basilica of Ascoli Piceno in the presence of Monsignor Giovanni D'Ercole, authorities and 12 ambassadors from the world.

July 2019 the single Sant'Emidio is released in honor of the Patron Saint (official single published by the Basilica of Sant'Emidio), since 1700 there was no hymn to the patron saint from earthquakes.


June 2020 the radio single ''Nel cielo tu'' is released which anticipates the album ''Il courage è in the arms of a dream'' 26 June 2020 / published by Bulletin editions / Pirames International. The single ends up in the most important newspapers, from Tempo to Quotidiano etc... the news written by Askasnews which enhances the artist and the meaning of the song. The album, 7 songs of strength and courage relaunch the return of the artist. We will then find on the radios ''A spasso tra le stelle con te'' the second single and ''Amore'' the third launch song, all accompanied by spectacular videos. 

December 2021 the single ''In an instant'' (bulletin/pirames) is released, a song written for his partner who died of cancer. 

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